Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patron of the Month

A family walked in just after noon - dad, mom, cute little 2-3 year old girl. They wanted to use the computers, but since they came just after noon, the computers were already occupied by everyone on a lunch break from nearby who was feeding their addiction, too. Since mom was still a teenager, they headed for the teen computers. This meant walking back past the entrance, and apparently the little girl thought they were leaving. She stopped, balled up here fists, stamped her foot and yelled, "No! I NEED a BOOK!" My partner and I just about fell out of our chairs trying not to laugh out loud! She complied happily when they told her they weren't leaving and she would get a book, then proceeded to wave and say "Hi!" to every one she passed. She charmed everyone she came in contact with while they stayed.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for kids who love coming to the 'berry.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Patron #1 My movie is a day late and I'm here to pay my dollar.
Staff Member #1 We have a 2 day grace period. You don't have any fines.
Patron #1 No, it's a dollar. Here!
Staff Member #1 No. ma'am. You. don't. owe. any. money.
Patron #1 Take it! Y'all aren't gonna get me like that!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, I can't. take. your money. I would get. in. trouble.

Patron #1 Well, y'all better not come back at me for this! I tried to pay it! Don't think you can come back at me later for it! You hear me?!

Patron #2 What do you mean I can't renew it? It didn't have a hold on it the last time I renewed it!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, someone can place a request on it at any time. They could have done it 5 minutes after you renewed it last time.
Patron #2 But I renewed it last time!
Staff member #1 Yes. And the hold was put on AFTER you renewed it.
Patron #2 Well, I'm not done reading it!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, you still have 2 weeks left before it's due.
Patron #2 But I want to renew it! I don't understand!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, let me get a supervisor for you.

Patron #3 Well I turned them in a month ago to the "X" library! (X=next town over that our system is NOT affiliated with)
Staff Member #2 Ma'am, we do have a reciprocal agreement with them, and they do send our materials back to us, but we don't have any control over when they do that.
Patron #3 Well, they should have sent them back to you by now!
Staff Member #2 I know that's frustrating. Maybe if you went over and asked if they still have them, you could just bring them back instead of having to wait?
Patron #3 This is just so not fair! I have a fee on my account now, and I returned them a month ago!
Staff Member #2 Well, the charge will come down signifigantly when the books are checked in.
Patron #3 What?!
Staff Member #2 When the books are checked in, the cost of the books will come off your account and you'll only have to pay overdue fines.
Patron #3 But I turned them in a MONTH AGO!
Staff Member #2 (gently) Ma'am, we can't take them off when they are returned to another library system.

To repeat a phrase seen often on the interwebs, these people breed and they vote!