Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patron of the Month

A family walked in just after noon - dad, mom, cute little 2-3 year old girl. They wanted to use the computers, but since they came just after noon, the computers were already occupied by everyone on a lunch break from nearby who was feeding their addiction, too. Since mom was still a teenager, they headed for the teen computers. This meant walking back past the entrance, and apparently the little girl thought they were leaving. She stopped, balled up here fists, stamped her foot and yelled, "No! I NEED a BOOK!" My partner and I just about fell out of our chairs trying not to laugh out loud! She complied happily when they told her they weren't leaving and she would get a book, then proceeded to wave and say "Hi!" to every one she passed. She charmed everyone she came in contact with while they stayed.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for kids who love coming to the 'berry.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Patron #1 My movie is a day late and I'm here to pay my dollar.
Staff Member #1 We have a 2 day grace period. You don't have any fines.
Patron #1 No, it's a dollar. Here!
Staff Member #1 No. ma'am. You. don't. owe. any. money.
Patron #1 Take it! Y'all aren't gonna get me like that!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, I can't. take. your money. I would get. in. trouble.

Patron #1 Well, y'all better not come back at me for this! I tried to pay it! Don't think you can come back at me later for it! You hear me?!

Patron #2 What do you mean I can't renew it? It didn't have a hold on it the last time I renewed it!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, someone can place a request on it at any time. They could have done it 5 minutes after you renewed it last time.
Patron #2 But I renewed it last time!
Staff member #1 Yes. And the hold was put on AFTER you renewed it.
Patron #2 Well, I'm not done reading it!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, you still have 2 weeks left before it's due.
Patron #2 But I want to renew it! I don't understand!
Staff Member #1 Ma'am, let me get a supervisor for you.

Patron #3 Well I turned them in a month ago to the "X" library! (X=next town over that our system is NOT affiliated with)
Staff Member #2 Ma'am, we do have a reciprocal agreement with them, and they do send our materials back to us, but we don't have any control over when they do that.
Patron #3 Well, they should have sent them back to you by now!
Staff Member #2 I know that's frustrating. Maybe if you went over and asked if they still have them, you could just bring them back instead of having to wait?
Patron #3 This is just so not fair! I have a fee on my account now, and I returned them a month ago!
Staff Member #2 Well, the charge will come down signifigantly when the books are checked in.
Patron #3 What?!
Staff Member #2 When the books are checked in, the cost of the books will come off your account and you'll only have to pay overdue fines.
Patron #3 But I turned them in a MONTH AGO!
Staff Member #2 (gently) Ma'am, we can't take them off when they are returned to another library system.

To repeat a phrase seen often on the interwebs, these people breed and they vote!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Things That Were Texted to Me

A friend on vacation texts me about watching the pelicans, cormorants, and gulls fishing in the ocean. She says that's way too much work, and they should just go to the local buffet, lol. She follows that shortly with her nephew's comment, "How do you think the fish feels? He's swimming along and then...whoosh! 'I'm flying!'"

"Going to a Southern Baptist school is like going to a Cowboys fans school. They manage to bring it up in EVERY conversation/lesson, even when it has nothing to do with what's going on."

"I'm at Walmart. Girl is wearing gray see-through leggings and a pink thong. She isn't small." (Of course I immediately suggested she get a picture for the People-of-Walmart website! Duh!)

Texts you don't want to get from your daughter:
"Apparently my underwear helps my pants stay up. I'm wearing a thong today and they slip down more than usual."
"Do YOU know what it feels like to straddle a 31 degree keg in shorts? I do! :)" [In her defense, she works bar-back for a restaurant. But it sounds so bad!]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cybersex? At least buy me a software update first!

Our power was out at the 'berry for almost a week due to a bad underground cable. This in and of itself was an adventure in watching people walk past 'CLOSED' signs, impromptu blockades, and our Bookmobile parked out front, trying to get into the building.

When we opened back up, one patron had apparently suffered serious withdrawals from his 'online dating service.' He decided to have a private party right there at the computer! He was told that since this was his first offense, he was banned for the rest of the day and any other infractions of the same type would result in him being banned for 6 months. (I know you're thinking "WHAT?!?!?" But that's how our policy works. :/) After refusing to give his name, he was promptly escorted from the building. All the way out, he kept asking if we'd let it slide this once since he's mentally handicapped! Well, that was pretty obvious, but uh, NO! He then proceeded to call us, ask for the manager, complain that we had not been understanding of his handicap, ask again for the ban to be rescinded, and then GIVE HIS NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER so the big boss in administration could contact him about his complaints!!!!! He was contacted all right: city P.D. showed up at his door with a complaint about his public indecency!

Meanwhile, the computer has been decontaminated, given a thorough exam, and is in counseling for the trauma.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Post - Zombies!

Today, I joined my mom at the library for a few hours while I waited for my car to be ready at a nearby mechanic. We were about twenty minutes early and children of librarians do not receive special privileges, so I had to wait out front until the doors were unlocked at 9:00. It didn’t seem like it would be too bad. There was a bench to sit on, it was sunny, and the humidity wasn’t oppressing.

I waited alone for a few minutes, and then a woman walked up the sidewalk and sat on the other end of the bench. As the minutes passed, it started. A few people at a time made their way to various spots in front of the door, standing. Staring. Then a few more. And a few more. Suddenly, at about 7 minutes ‘til, hoards of people appeared out of nowhere, shuffling intently towards the front doors of the library. And the cars! All of a sudden the parking lot was full! All of them parked facing the building, their occupants unmoving, just staring at the doors. It was unnerving! At 8:59, it began to look like a George Romero film, or maybe Shaun of the Dead. The ones who drove all got out of their cars to join those already waiting on the sidewalk. It was eerily silent. No one said “Good morning” or “Hello.” No one waved or gave a nod. When someone came into the lobby to unlock the doors, the patrons shuffled closer, jockeying and stumbling, trying to be the first one inside. It was rather frightening. Were they even going to let the door get all the way open? Would the worker be able to get out of the way? 

When the crush had passed, I followed warily behind them. The people at the desks greeted them as they passed. Any response was an unintelligible grunt. It could have been “’Puter.” It could have been “Brains.”

Needless to say, the next time I have to wait outside for the library to open, I’m bringing my trusty shovel along. Just in case.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quote of the Day - The Interwebs

When told about an online contest the 'berry system is doing, the patron replied "Oh, but I'm not on the world wide web. Just the internet."

Yes, she said each word that distinctly and she was dead serious. Almost apologetic, even, for not participating.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Picks of the Week

Bookmark: An Army Strong Decal, the kind that goes in the back window of your car to support a loved one in the service. Kinda makes me sad that it was left like that, though...

Giggle: The woman who came to the desk and asked to "borrow some wipe out."

Demanding Patron: The staff member covering the computer desk had run into a problem and snagged our computer 'specialist' (System jargon for the guy who uses more social media, gaming stuff and has more of the latest gadgets at home than any of the rest of us. He is constantly amused that so far he has no diploma or certificate for computer training. He's a great guy.) to help her. This was a learning moment for the patron and the staffer, and we really do prefer to learn the solutions when the problems occur just so we don't have to rely on one person for all the answers. If he weren't available next time, we'd be up the creek!
So it's taking a few minutes, and this woman walks up to them. "I've been sitting over there waving and waving for you! Is there a button with a red flashing light somewhere I can push to get your attention?!"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Not to Wear to the 'Berry Part Deux

We have previously addressed how you should holster your girls when you come to the 'berry. Today we will address covering the lower half of your torso. Namely, booty shorts.
Rule #1: You NEVER look as good as you think you do! Trust me. This is the 'berry, not the club. There is no alcohol induced haze to smooth out those stretch marks, cellulite dimples, muffin tops, etc.

Rule #2: If you have to pull your shorts out of your crack every 3 steps, you have a problem! Picking your butt in public is a no-no, so go put on something that fits!
Rule #3: Speaking of fitting, if you are sticking out more than a 1/4 inch over the waistband of your shorts, or the crease between you leg and your buttock shows, THEY'RE TOO SMALL!!! I don't want to hear how you only have muffin top 'cause you're bloated! If that's the case wear something else 'til it's gone! And quite frankly, I don't want to see as much of your butt as I do at the beach, so cover all of it when you come in to where I work please! No letting it all hang out, I don't care how toned or shapely it is. You're either going to get hit on by some major sleazes, or stabbed in a jealous fit by those of us who haven't had a cute butt since toddlerhood! (Yes, we are haters.)
Rule #4: Coin slots are not attractive! We didn't like it when it was called plumber's crack and we don't like it now. No, calling it ass cleavage does not make it sexy. And if it's surrounded by stretchmarks, it's even worse. My stretchmarks are a badge of honor for bearing my children, but that's only to me and their father. The general public doesn't care. And they don't want to see yours either!
Finally, Rule #5: No camel toes! Yugh! Not only is it unsightly and offensive, but do you know the invitation you are issuing to all kinds of nasty little microbes? They will take up residence and then we'll have to SMELL you, too! Gross!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Don't Really Want This

Lady walks up to the desk and asks about getting a library card. I direct her to the computer where she can fill out the application, and she comes back momentarily. Except we look a little incompetent because we're telling her it didn't print and then discover the printer needed paper. (Mind you, 99% of the time, if it didn't print, it's operator error. But she doesn't know this, so we just look stupid. Sigh.) Then she proceeds to complain because she doesn't want to create a password and sign for computer access. "I'm sorry, but the application will not finalize unless I enter a PIN." Well, she's only doing this because her husband wants a book, and she doesn't need our computers. "I understand you don't need to use our computers. This does allow you to renew your items online from home, and to request items you want, too." She snatches back the app, fills in her password, signs her name and writes a dissertation on the app about how she was forced to do this under protest. "Ma'am, would you like the free card or the card for $1 today?" The free one is one more than she wants! O-kay. Now I'm having to work hard at not telling her that if this is such a burden on her, maybe she should've brought her husband's card to check the book out, OR if she's going to be nasty, go home and let him come get it himself. However, "I'm sorry you feel that way. I do hope your husband is happy with the book." Now get out and make sure he's the one who comes in next time! Grr! The thing is, I'm sure what will happen is he's going to forget to turn the book in on time or renew it, then she's going to get a letter that it's overdue and has fines, and then she's going to go from snidely unpleasant to downright vicious, because she never wanted it in the first place. The petty pleasure will come when we can tell her she is responsible for the things on the card in her name, she could have called any branch to renew it, and - oh, gee, look! You can check your account on line and renew it from the comfort of your own home! Wow! (Yes, I have a streak of that in me. Mwahahahaha!)

My partner immediately follows with a young woman who wants to use the computers? "Do you have a local library card?" "I had one in Texas when I was a little girl." It was all I could do to keep from bursting into laughter right then. After sending her over to the application computer, my partner turns to me and asks, "Does this look like Texas?!" I couldn't stop myself. "No, but didn't you know we're part of the national library system?" It's hard to look professional when the two of us are snorting and giggling over this. Oh well. For the rest of the day, any question was answered with "Does this look like Texas?" or "This ain't Texas!" The things we do to hang on to our sanity.

The latest bookmark: a 5 year old date due slip. Seriously, people can barely hang on to their new ones once they walk out the doors! This had no notes, or special markings. Just a plain printed slip. I'm rather impressed it was kept this long.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Not to Wear @ Your 'Berry

Yet another assault on common sense in fashion was made today. This woman came in wearing a bathing suit as a dress. Nope. Not joking. She's walking towards me in this floral print mini dress, or so I thought, and the garish Hawaiian floral print makes me look twice. Then the 'bodice' strikes me oddly. And as I look at her more closely, I realize it's one of those bathing suits with the strings you can pull to shorten the sides of the 'dress' that's supposed to help cover flaws in one's lower half. Something like this:
Underwear as outerwear. Pajamas. Now bathing suits as dresses. Lord help us.

And while thankfully this woman wasn't committing the crime of wearing talcum as a fashion accessory, I saw plenty of it caked across bosoms and back that were inadequately covered by tank tops or tube tops. Does nobody understand how to dust that on?!

In other news...
Today's bookmark was multiplication flash cards.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Annoying People (& Bookmarks)

Had a guy come to the computer desk and ask me if it was "humanly possible" to give him his library information so he could get on the computers. Um, sure, and here ya go. And then he came back and asked me if it was "humanly possible" to get his PIN. And then a few minutes later was it "humanly possible" to print? He must have come to the desk at least 5 times, and he prefaced EVERY question with "Is it humanly possible...?" WTHeck!?!? At some point this will be amusing, but right then, I reeeeally wanted to tell him it was humanly possible, but becoming less probable every time he said it

Then there was the woman in the children's area with her son. She's an obnoxiously loud, and kind of difficult, regular; we cringe when she walks in the door. She's reading an I Spy book to her 3yr old. "I spy a brown animal. Do you see the brown dog? I spy an animal with 8 legs. See the spider?" I SO wanted to tell her that an animal with 8 legs would be an octopus, not a spider. Two hours later, when her son is tired and hungry and letting the whole 'berry know at the top of his lungs, she's yelling over him, "Be quiet! I mean it! Be quiet right now! We're in the lieberry!" Yeah, you are, so, way to set an example, mom!
The guy from It Might Be Cheaper Pt. 2 was back. He checked out his dvds, and then wanted a rubber band to keep them together. Okay, fine. "Wait, give me another one to wrap the other direction." Sigh. Demand much? Give him another one. "Do you have an opaque bag I can put these in?" Excuse me? "An opaque bag. You know, not see through. Like a paper bag. I want to go to the grocery store, and I want to put these in an opaque bag to take in with me." Not sure why people think repeating words that way is helpful, but it's NOT. I do know what opaque means. And if I didn't, your saying it over and over wouldn't tell me. I don't care why you want it, either. None of my business. Besides, it's not like you checked out porn. Biting my cheek, I explain we sell plastic bags for 50 cents and the canvas bags for $2. "Don't you just have a bag around?" No. "Well, I'll figure out something." You do that, buddy. Like next time, bring those same rubber bands back with you to use again, and bring your own bag. Why do people think the 'berry is the place for free office supplies? While I appreciate thrift, that's just darn cheap!

And to top off annoying people at the 'berry, the guy who came in with the surgical/allergy mask on, whose girlfriend explained to us while he was using the water fountain, that he has the mumps. WHAT?! Keep that mess at home! And for crying out loud, if you have to wear the mask, ya think maybe you shouldn't be using the public water fountain?!! Good grief, people!

The bookmarks? The wrapper off a bottle of water, and a prepaid card for a local laundromat chain.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bookmarks Plus Personal Drama

Yesterday and today the bookmarks of note were-
The wrapper from a stick of gum
Paint chips (the kind from the hardware store)
Aaaand an honest to goodness mattress tag!

The personal drama?
I received a phone call at about 2:20 this morning. My son, on the first day of having his license and being able to drive alone, had gone out with a friend to an all night skate jam. He was on his way home and swerved to avoid a deer. Following the training he'd been given in driver ed, he overrode his 4+ years of experience on dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and let off the brake. Was already into a turn, slid out and went into a ditch, sideswiping a tree. Totaled the car. Thank the good Lord nobody was hurt! But, seriously, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!!?!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Berry Patron of the Day 8/1

We have stolen the term "Entitlement Tuesday" (from the deskslave blog) at our 'berry. Entitlement Tuesday usually occurs after a holiday Monday when we are closed. People seem to have a pathological need to avenge themselves for having to do without the interwebs and free dvds for one day. The level of demanding behavior (ex: snap snap, "I need help with this!", butting in on another person's transaction with "I just have a question") , loud conversations on cellphones, wailing babies and kids allowed to run like packs of wild dogs is always about 4x worse than usual.
We had a random Entitlement Day this week. Nobody knows what set it off. But we all knew within the first 30 minutes the kind of day it would be. The fact that this woman actually used the word should have set off alarm bells all over the building!

My first patron of the day drops her books in the book drop. Notified by the clatter, I look up and greet her and her daughter. This is her cue to walk up to the desk, ignoring all directional signs.

() Things I'm not allowed to say out loud to the patrons
[] Things to give you a better idea of how it went down

Patron: I returned my books.
Me: Okaaay? (Want a cookie?)
P: I returned 2 books.
M: Yes. Were they late? [Trying to figure out why she's telling me this]
P: No. We want to get more.
M: [Brightly] Okay! [Smile so she knows she's good to go]
P: So what do we do?
[Okay. I'm not understanding why this is difficult.]
M:Umm, I'm sorry? (I dunno know. Maybe walk over and get some more?)
P: I returned 2 books.
M: [Nodding] Mmhmm. [Desperately trying to think of the right question to ask to unlock this situation.]
P: I returned 2 books and we want to get more.
[Now this insistence over 2 books is making me wonder. Our policy limits you if we can't confirm your addy when you apply for a card. You can only check out 2 things at once until we verify it.]
M: Okay. Do you have your card with you?
P: I already have a card. Do we just present it to you?
M: [Now we're getting somewhere!] When you've picked out the books you want.
P: Oh!
M: (Just how'd you get the ones you turned in?)
P: How many books am I entitled to?
M: Do you have your card with you, ma'am? I can check your account and see. [I am NOT going to tell her 50 and have her come back to check out and find we're still verifying her address!]
P: I have a card. How many books am I entitled to?
M: If you have your card, you can check out up to 50 items.
P: How many books are we entitled to check out?
M: (None. This conversation has negated any right you have to be trusted with materials!) May I please see your card? (And at this point, I am not answering your question until you've answered mine. Do you actually have a card in your possession?!)
P: My card?
M: (YES. Your CARD.)
P: It's in here. [Fumbling with her purse and digging] How many books can we borrow?
M: (Hallelujah. You stopped saying entitled.) I can tell you after I check your card.
P: Here. 
M: Thank you. [Slowly, so hopefully she'll understand] You can check out as many as 50 items. You can have 10 dvds at one time.
P: Wow. Really? 
M: Yes (really.)

She wanders off towards the children's books.

My partner at the desk had her head in her hands. She'd waited on 3 other people during this whole exchange. My supervisor over at the reference desk was mind boggled. 

All I could say was, "Am I entitled to a break yet?"

Monday, August 1, 2011

More Bookmarks

A lens wipe for glasses, thankfully still in its little wrapper, and a coupon for feminine products.

Friday, July 29, 2011

It Might Be Cheaper Revisited

I had a gentleman (His manner reminded of Hercule Poirot as played by David Suchet.) this week who was somewhat frustrated that he couldn't have all the movies he requested to come in at the same time. I explained that we do the best we can to get them as soon as possible, and the variables are - is it already checked out, is there a waiting list, where is it located, has staff been able to pull it yet, and has our runner already been for pick up that day. He explained to me the math for his gas and driving time that worked out to $.50/movie. Then he told me that if he couldn't get them all at once, driving back and forth multiple times made it closer to $1 a piece, and he might as well go to Redbox. This was not said in an "I'll take my business elsewhere" way, just as an explanation. I imagine this senior citizen is pretty concerned about managing his fixed income. I explained that we hold all requests for 5 days from when they come in, and perhaps it would work best to wait and come on the 5th day after the 1st notification. That would give time for more items to come in and be there when he did drive over. Well, perhaps. And he supposed he could always pick from what was on the shelf to round out his quota.
I tell ya, after the guy who was so mad about the paper, this man's logical penny pinching just made me smile. Maybe it's the Scotch in me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bookmarks I Have Known

This will be a continuing series on the odd things people use for bookmarks and forget to take out of the books before they return them.

Today's special find was the peel-off backing from a feminine product. I must say that this is a step up from finding a used counterpart left in a book a few years back.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Might Be Cheaper Than the Gas to Drive Here

Okay, you come to the 'berry to read the local paper. You drive all. the. way. here. to read the paper. Every day. And you're upset because every day there seem to be pieces missing. Not always the same piece, or pieces. And you want the daily local paper held behind the counter so people will quit "stealing pieces of it." Now, we haven't noticed at the end of the day, when we collect it, that it seems to be light. At least, not on a regular basis. It happens. Sure. But we also know that the homeless guys hanging out during the day divvie it up and swap sections with each other so that no one hogs the whole thing. And this is a public lieberry. Free for the public to use. The papers, even the ones behind the counter (Sunday editions, 'cause we keep losing the classifieds), are a first come first served item. So even if we did that, Frank the homeless guy would still get it first to share with his buddies. You know, with the price of gas, and the average trip to the 'berry for the area we serve, and let's throw in the nasty emissions from your gas guzzler (Cuz if you're this cheap, you did NOT go get a new low emission car with the cash for clunkers program!), maybe you should get a subscription to the paper and savor your very own copy at home.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Time I Look at You I Go Blind

There was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much boobage in the 'berry today! I still am searching for a way to purge some of the images. *shudder* Since so many do not understand how to manage their girls, here are some basic rules:
1) Bigger than a B cup MUST wear a bra. The only exceptions are not in public. They are at home with yo man! Don't ask me "What about bathing suits?" They build 'em into those now, too.
2) If your halter dress yanks your sagging girls into a shape resembling those obnoxious truck nuts, you have to get rid of it.
3) I should never, ever know that your nipples are pointing straight down at the floor.
4) If you are bigger than a B cup, those tube-top sundresses are not allowed in your closet. We have yet to see you wear it with a strapless bra. Those pasties you stick inside to keep your nips from showing don't hold you up. And, nobody wants to see your bra rising up from it. Ah ah ahh! See rule #1. You do NOT get to go without! (And really now, it is NOT attractive to see your Panera muffies sliding down onto your stomach!)
5) We do not live in the African bush, the Australian outback, or some obscure part of the Amazon rainforest. You are NOT allowed to wear a top that while managing to cover the parts that would get you arrested for indecent exposure, your sagging tatas drag it down to show me your torso a good 4 inches past where a bra should be!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Appropriate Behavior

My supervisor pointed out this week that there are 4,886,482,940,000 sq feet of dry land on Earth for children to run in/on. Then he asked, "Why does it seem that they only want to do it in the 16,400 sq feet of our 'berry?"
When I shared this with friends, there was a general consensus that kids don't know how to act in public anymore. Some questioned "Where are the parents?" Frequently, there are no parents with them, or they're busy on a computer. 99% of the time, those on the computers are NOT job hunting, applying for student loans or anything other than social networking. Don't get me wrong. They have every right to play games and chat on facebook, blackplanet or watch videos on youtube. I just don't think they have the right to allow their children to run wild while they do it.
I've heard the comment "They(the children) know better! They don't act like that in school!" Have you BEEN in a classroom lately??!!! They sure as heck DO act like that in school! Just ask a teacher.
I've said myself there's no 'home training' anymore.
And there's the problem. The general public has certain ideas about how you should behave in certain settings. But when a 'berry worker tries to enforce POSTED GUIDELINES, they are often yelled at by the parent for daring to reprimand their child. This reaction crosses race, gender and income. I blame it on the 'my child can do no wrong' for some, and parental ignorance of how to act themselves for others. When the parent complains to management or admin, it never fails that the worker was in the wrong.

See, I work for a system that reinforces bad behavior, where any time someone doesn't like what I tell them (no matter how correct I am in fact and delivery) I am rude and unhelpful. We are are told, and internally TRAINED, that we need to understand their 'culture', and stop judging and forcing our expectations on them. We should realize that they may not really know of how to parent, and it's normal for their 3yr old to wander off out of sight among strangers. Huh?
I've been through Ruby Payne Training(Understanding the Culture of Poverty). I understand the variations of behaviors between socio-economic classes. I've learned the viewpoints that allow me to better communicate with folks from a different background. But nowhere in that training did they say that detrimental and disruptive behavior be accepted! We were told how to lead people to the socially accepted norm. How to gently educate them about our guidelines. This usually includes, "You probably didn't know, but there's no eating/sleeping/talking on the cellphone in the 'berry." Great. Good.
Okay, so now we've been gentle and kind and understanding. Now that 4 staff members have told your 8-10yr old child that running is not allowed in the 'berry, you're going to yell at us because we told you they have to sit with you or leave?

Well, you probably didn't know, but yelling abuse at us isn't allowed in the 'berry, and if you don't stop, the security officer with escort you out!
Call me rude.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, I finally did it.

I've been posting on facebook, for around a year now, about the craziness of working in a public library. It's kinda therapeutic for me to find the ridiculousness of the situations instead of being angered by them. I get a handful of friends who comment on the posts online. But then I have lurkers who never post, never 'like' a post, and rave when they see me about how hilarious my "'berry stories" are. I've been told "Write a blog!" "Write a book!" So, I did it. I'm starting this blog for the 'berry stories. But really, it's only a way to see how many people are actually reading them. ;p