Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Might Be Cheaper Than the Gas to Drive Here

Okay, you come to the 'berry to read the local paper. You drive all. the. way. here. to read the paper. Every day. And you're upset because every day there seem to be pieces missing. Not always the same piece, or pieces. And you want the daily local paper held behind the counter so people will quit "stealing pieces of it." Now, we haven't noticed at the end of the day, when we collect it, that it seems to be light. At least, not on a regular basis. It happens. Sure. But we also know that the homeless guys hanging out during the day divvie it up and swap sections with each other so that no one hogs the whole thing. And this is a public lieberry. Free for the public to use. The papers, even the ones behind the counter (Sunday editions, 'cause we keep losing the classifieds), are a first come first served item. So even if we did that, Frank the homeless guy would still get it first to share with his buddies. You know, with the price of gas, and the average trip to the 'berry for the area we serve, and let's throw in the nasty emissions from your gas guzzler (Cuz if you're this cheap, you did NOT go get a new low emission car with the cash for clunkers program!), maybe you should get a subscription to the paper and savor your very own copy at home.

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