Friday, August 5, 2011

Bookmarks Plus Personal Drama

Yesterday and today the bookmarks of note were-
The wrapper from a stick of gum
Paint chips (the kind from the hardware store)
Aaaand an honest to goodness mattress tag!

The personal drama?
I received a phone call at about 2:20 this morning. My son, on the first day of having his license and being able to drive alone, had gone out with a friend to an all night skate jam. He was on his way home and swerved to avoid a deer. Following the training he'd been given in driver ed, he overrode his 4+ years of experience on dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and let off the brake. Was already into a turn, slid out and went into a ditch, sideswiping a tree. Totaled the car. Thank the good Lord nobody was hurt! But, seriously, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!!?!

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