Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Not to Wear @ Your 'Berry

Yet another assault on common sense in fashion was made today. This woman came in wearing a bathing suit as a dress. Nope. Not joking. She's walking towards me in this floral print mini dress, or so I thought, and the garish Hawaiian floral print makes me look twice. Then the 'bodice' strikes me oddly. And as I look at her more closely, I realize it's one of those bathing suits with the strings you can pull to shorten the sides of the 'dress' that's supposed to help cover flaws in one's lower half. Something like this:
Underwear as outerwear. Pajamas. Now bathing suits as dresses. Lord help us.

And while thankfully this woman wasn't committing the crime of wearing talcum as a fashion accessory, I saw plenty of it caked across bosoms and back that were inadequately covered by tank tops or tube tops. Does nobody understand how to dust that on?!

In other news...
Today's bookmark was multiplication flash cards.

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